Body Brush

Body Brush

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TEMPL body brush is made from natural walnut wood and plant-based sisal bristles from the agave plant. 

 The round shape and size of the brush are designed to be held perfectly within your palm to create a meditative experience when brushing. 

 Dry body brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation, naturally detoxifying the skin and body. It also helps to promote healthy, glowing skin, reduces cellulite, and strengthens the immune system. 

 The body brush is designed to be part of your intentional body honoring practices. 

 Brush Size: 110mm D x 51mm W

Handle Size: 25mm W x 170mm L

Consecrate your body brush practice 

  1. First, make sure your skin is completely dry. Using firm pressure, you may notice some redness as you start to encourage the blood flow to the surface. 
  2. The best time to dry skin brush is before a shower - first thing in the morning is more invigorating, whilst in the evening use slower movement and less pressure for a beautiful meditative unwinding ritual. 
  3. Starting at the bottoms of your feet move your brush over your skin using firm small strokes upwards or small circular movements
  4. Continue to brush over the feet and ankles and up towards the legs and groin area.
  5. You want to flow in the direction of the lymphatic system so make sure you move in the direction of the heart. You can begin to use long sweeping motions. 
  6. Come back to circular strokes around the tummy - following the path of the colon to help stimulate digestion and elimination.
  7. Brush upwards from the buttock and lower back.
  8. From the hands move up your arms and into the armpits - there are lots of lymph nodes there so you want to move any toxins out here. 
  9. Use more gentle circular movement around the breast and chest area and from your neck sweep down towards the heart.

After each use tap and shake your brush to release any dead skin. For this reason we recommend that you keep the brush your own. Always keep it in a dry place, away from any moisture. When not in use store your brush in the cotton bag provided. 

We recommend washing your brush once a week with natural and chemical-free soap and an antibacterial essential oil such as tea tee. Combine a few drops of the essential oil with the pure soap in a bowl with water. Place the brush bristles first into the water. Make sure you keep the wood out of the water. Gently swirl a few times then shake off any excess water. Make sure you leave somewhere to completely dry with bristles facing down. 


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