Sculpt your Body with Gua Sha

Sculpt your Body with Gua Sha

Step 1: Apply your TEMPL Rose Body Oil over your entire body and massage into the skin.


When performing this self-love practice and working with the Gua Sha we recommend using a light to firm pressure. Use a lighter pressure on more delicate areas and a firm pressure on the denser tissues and muscles.


In this ritual we will be working on the extremities first before making our way towards the centre of the body. Remember this is only a guide and depending on how much time you have and your intention we recommended 3-5 strokes in each area to stimulate the lymphatic system. If you want to move deeper or work into breaking up fascia (hello cellulite) and or releasing tension, you can work up to 20 strokes.


STEP 1: Begin at the bottom of the feet, using the long curve of the Gua Sha to stimulate the fascia along the middle of the foot. You can also use the pointed end to stimulate certain areas and points (we have lots of acupressure points on the bottoms of the feet)


Start to work your way up the leg, performing slow and upward strokes focusing on the back of the calves. Moving up work into the front and back of the thighs (this may be an area in which you want to move deeper into the fascia) When you arrive to the glutes continue to use upward strokes and move around the hip area, continue up the lower back.


STEP 2: Moving to the arms begin on the palms on the hands using the pointed edge to massage into any tension areas. Slowly move up your forearms working towards your armpit.


STEP 3: At the centre of the body now begin with upward stokes along the sides of the belly. Move into the centre continue and with long strokes around the abdomen in a clockwise direction starting on the right side, moving across the centre and down on the left. This will help the movement of digestion.


STEP 4: If you desire to focus on the breast area begin at the centre and with a gentle pressure and small sweeping strokes move towards the armpit to help with lymphatic drainage.


STEP 5: Keeping this gentle pressure you can move the Gua Sha from the top of the neck down towards the heart.


STEP 6: Complete your practice here or move into facial Gua Sha.